Are Contact Lenses for Everyone?

Contact lenses are definitely not meant for everyone, and many people have difficulty wearing them for long periods of time. People with certain eye diseases or dry eye syndrome should avoid wearing contact lenses because the plastic can irritate the eyes, especially if the eye has a natural inability to produce enough tears. People who work in very dry climates may have difficulty wearing contact lenses because their lenses can dry out. People with certain hobbies like swimming should avoid wearing contact lenses because the lenses could easily fall out in the water. Many times, contact lenses aren’t necessarily the best solution for enhanced vision because the plastic that sits against the eye can cause irritation, sensitivity and in some cases allergies. It’s important to consult with an eye doctor about whether or not contact lenses are right for you. The LASIK patients of the Atlanta Vision Institute prefer corrective vision surgery as a means of improving vision because they can avoid all of these potential problems and never have to worry about buying and putting in their contact lenses each day!