Can Children Wear Contacts?

According to the Contact Lens In Pediatrics (CLIP) study, the first clinical investigation to compare children under 12 years of age and teens using silicone hydrogel contact lenses, researchers report that children as young as eight years old who need refractive error correction are as capable as teenagers at wearing and caring for soft contact lenses.

Doctors will typically evaluate a child’s maturity and level of parental support in deciding whether a child is ready for contact lenses.  “Contact lenses often provide a more convenient mode of vision correction for the young and as long as the child is mature to put in the lens and adhere to strict hygiene standands, there should be no reason why any child cannot wear contact lenses” states Dr Ashraf, medical director of the Atlanta Vision Institute. He adds that, “proper hygiene includes washing hands prior to insertion or removal of the lenses, no swimming with the contacts in, and no sleeping with the contacts in the eye.”

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