Contact Lens Associated Injuries: #1 Cause of Pediatric Medical Device Injuries

In a recent report published in Pediatrics, showed that the most frequently injured body part due to medical device complications was the eye.  The study showed the most frequent diagnosis were corneal abrasions, conjunctivitis, and hemorrhage.  Eye pain, bacterial infections, and corneal ulcers have also been implicated in misuse of contact lenses and some of these can lead to permanent vision loss or even blindness.  Most of the problems due to contact lens wear was due to improper use, poor hygiene, and misuse of the lenses.  “Contact lenses are great alternative to glasses in kids, however kids and their parents have to be reminded that serious eye injuries can occur if they are misused,” states Dr. Ashraf. He advises to have a proper contact lens fitting, not to sleep with the contact lenses, have proper hygiene when handling the contacts, and never swim with the contacts in.

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