Cost of LASIK

cost of lasik in atlanta

For the more than 75 percent of adults suffering from vision impairment, LASIK surgery may be the less expensive corrective option. Over time, the cost of contacts and glasses add up to a much higher price than that of LASIK. While LASIK may appear to cost more at first, many patients are surprised to find that the cost is not nearly as much as the long-term expense of maintaining contacts or glasses. Over a lifetime, many who could qualify for LASIK will spend thousands of dollars filling contact prescriptions, and buying lens cleaners and glasses as a substitution for contacts.

LASIK Eye Surgery is Less Expensive in the Long Run

Some Americans wake up in the morning to the sight of the sun peeking through the blinds, a glimpse of a loved one or the face of a sweet pup. Millions of other Americans are greeted by blurry blobs of light and color until they can put in their contacts. While it might seem like there’s no alternative, LASIK eye surgery can correct vision to 20/20.

Those with poor eyesight might think LASIK is too expensive and not consider it an option. However they may be surprised to learn that their contacts and glasses are costing them much more over the long run than LASIK ever would.

Each box of contacts costs about $25, and the average contact-wearer will purchase about 10 boxes of contacts per year. The cost of contact solution is estimated to be about $100 per year. Add it all up over 40 years, and the cost of daily contact use totals $14,000! On the other hand, the cost of LASIK eye surgery ranges from $3,000 to $8,000 and it lasts a lifetime. So while the cost of LASIK might seem like a lot at first, there can be no denying that it is the better deal.

There can be additional costs with eye glasses. A prescription can change as often as every year, often for the worse, and glasses must be replaced as these changes occur. In contrast, with one-time LASIK eye surgery, vision will remain perfect and consistent permanently.

But it’s not just about the cost. LASIK eye surgery, while an economical option, enhances quality of life. From morning until night, there’s no reason to be concerned about dry eyes from contact wear, or which surface the glasses were last placed. LASIK can relieve patients from the stress of financing poor vision and the daily care of contacts. Seeing that clearly is the first step to always seeing clearly.
Why do the fees for laser vision correction vary among LASIK providers?

The advertised cost of laser vision correction varies widely. The operative word in the preceding sentence is ADVERTISED. In this volatile economy, many providers have been advised to advertise at particular price points to get their phones ringing. Almost without exception, these practices engage in a “bait and switch” technique to “up-sell” prospective patients. Indeed, one study reported that patients going to discount chains advertising “LASIK for $599” actually ended up paying an AVERAGE of $1,800 per eye!

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