Despite 20/20 Vision, Men and Women See Images Differently

In a recent study published in the Biology of Sex Differences, men and women perceive images differently. Researchers from Brooklyn and Hunter Colleges of the City University of New York compared the vision of men and women aged over 16 from both college and high school. All volunteers were required to have normal color vision and 20/20 sight (or 20/20 when corrected by glasses or contact lenses). When the volunteers were required to describe colors shown to them across the visual spectrum, the color vision of men was shifted, and they required a slightly longer wavelength to experience the same hue as the women. The males also had a broader range in the center of the spectrum where they were less able to discriminate between colors. In summary, the way that the visual centers of men and women’s brains works is different. Men have greater sensitivity to fine detail and rapidly moving stimuli, but women are better at discriminating between colors.

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