DJ Maddox’s Journey with Atlanta Vision Institute

LASIKdj maddox patients who now enjoy clear vision know the struggle of living with blurry vision all too well. A local radio disc jockey, known to Atlanta radio listeners as DJ Maddox from Power 96.1, is one of these patients. As a DJ, Maddox constantly relies on his vision for work, whether it’s to read his computer screen, prep for his on-air segments or hit “play” for the next song. Here, DJ Maddox shares his decision to undergo LASIK and why he chose to trust Dr. Ashraf and Atlanta Vision Institute with the procedure.

Ditching the Glasses and Contacts

Maddox struggled with blurry vision for years, but only started wearing prescription eyewear in recent years. The DJ admits to putting off the need for glasses and contacts for a long time.

“I always felt like my glasses held me back, and they’re so annoying, as well as contacts,” Maddox says. “If it rains outside, raindrops get on my glasses, they fog up. Who’s got time to deal with that mess?”

The Atlanta DJ says his reason for choosing LASIK was simple: to be free of pesky glasses and contacts.

Choosing Atlanta Vision Institute

Undergoing LASIK surgery is a potentially life-changing decision and requires only the most experienced and skilled surgeon. After thoroughly researching his options in the area, Maddox decided to come in to Dr. Ashraf’s office for a free LASIK consultation.

“I had a great feeling the minute I walked through the door,” Maddox recalls of his first appointment at Atlanta Vision Institute. “I love the fact that Dr. Ashraf and his entire staff [were] so kind, so thorough.”

Maddox met with Dr. Ashraf personally, to determine whether he was a suitable candidate for LASIK. The radio DJ also had the opportunity to ask questions regarding LASIK and what to expect. Maddox admits Dr. Ashraf’s answers helped put his mind at ease.

After meeting with Dr. Ashraf and his friendly staff, Maddox was ready to take the leap, and he hasn’t looked back since.

“You only get one set of eyes,” says Maddox, “and the Atlanta Vision Institute and Dr. Ashraf is the only place I would trust my eyes to.”

At Atlanta Vision Institute, we understand the restrictions and hassles that come with poor vision, glasses and contacts. We strive to make clear vision a reality for everyone through a quick and virtually painless LASIK procedure.

“I had the procedure done at the end of the work day, I was able to get right back work and all my normal activities the following day,” says Maddox. “I can see better. I don’t have to have glasses on my face anymore, no smudges to worry about [and] no contacts irritating my eyes.”

Want to learn more about what to expect during your pre-LASIK consultation, procedure and recovery? Follow Maddox’s LASIK journey on Power 96.1.

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