Dry Eye Common Condition with Laser Vision Correction Patients

Dry eye is very common in patients presenting with cataract or wanting refractive surgery, said Kerry D. Solomon, M.D., Charleston, South Carolina. “These are people whose ocular surface disease has made contact lenses or spectacles uncomfortable,” Dr. Solomon said speaking during an EyeWorld Educational Symposia. The ocular surface is the refractive surface of the eye, he said, and dry eye is the most common complaint after LASIK. “Keep in mind that one in four or one in five patients presenting in your offices has dry eye,” he said. Dr Ashraf, Atlanta LASIK surgeon, adds that preoperative screening for dry eyes prior to LASIK is very important. “With screening and aggressive treatment prior to surgery, our post LASIK dry eye complaints have decreased tremendously over the past year,” adds Dr Ashraf.

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