How LASIK Changes Lives

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Some of the life-changing effects of LASIK are probably obvious to those who wear glasses or contacts: a few eye exams and a 20-minute surgery and your vision is vastly improved. You no longer have to put your contacts in every morning or worry about getting your prescription filled. Without wearing glasses, you can be more active; perhaps LASIK offers that possibility to people who were unable to wear contacts. But LASIK can do more than alleviate you of everyday annoyances that come with wearing contacts and glasses; for some people, LASIK surgery can open up new opportunities as well.

Certain careers and hobbies are very difficult to pursue for people who wear glasses or contacts. For example, pilots and emergency workers must have near perfect vision and must pass a vision test. Hobbies like motorcycling and bicycling can also be difficult and have added hassles associated with glasses and contacts. If you wear contacts, your eyes can dry out, and some people even have difficulty keeping their contacts in! The same goes for glasses, and cyclists must buy specialty goggles to protect their glasses.