Large Size Pupils Show no Difference in Glare After LASIK Compared to Small

In a prospective study published in Ophthalmology (118:736-741, 2011) researchers studied patients who underwent LASIK for myopia. Patients were split into three groups based on pupil size-small, medium, or large. Results revealed all groups reported increased glare symptoms at 1 month and there was no difference between each of the groups. However at each visit after one month glare scores decreased for all of the groups. It was interesting to note that at 12 months, patients with medium size had less halos and glare than the small size group. Dr Ashraf of the Atlanta Vision Institute points out that this study confirms previous studies performed by the U.S. military in which size was independent of glare symptoms and wavefront guided LASIK clearly had less glare and halo symptoms as compared to conventional LASIK.

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