LASIK Surgery Enhances Latest Tech Craze: Google Glass


A Google “Explorer” wearing the most recent Google Glass prototype

Google Glass, currently in its crowd-sourced testing phase, is the latest smart technology to sweep the digital world, but this one requires especially good eyesight. The research and development project has the lofty goal of producing the world’s first mass-market ubiquitous computer. A release date for the product hasn’t yet been publicized.

Essentially a wearable computer, Google Glass is a head-mounted device that displays information in a smartphone style. Instead of using your thumbs, however, Google Glass responds to natural voice commands, similar to Apple’s automated personal assistant Siri.

Though thin and flexible, Google Glass may add bulk and additional vision interruptions when paired with prescription glasses frames. In addition, the current prototype, called Explorer, isn’t available to prescription glasses wearers. LASIK patients, therefore, are excellent candidates to use the latest in mobile devices.

Like other devices, Google Glass cannot be used while driving as it may distract the user or obstruct his or her vision. Unlike other mobile devices, Google Glass sits near the eye and thus there is a risk of eye impact. Use common sense when using Google Glass as you would any other device. Avoid wearing it while exercising, playing sports or performing an activity where the risk of accidental eye impact and injury is increased.

“Google Glass is a really interesting and exciting device with a lot of creative opportunities,” said Dr. Farooq Ashraf, MD, FACS, medical director at Atlanta Vision Institute. “The risk of eye damage is minimal, especially when the wearer uses common sense and avoids situations where his or her eye could be impacted. Overall, I think LASIK patients can fully participate and enjoy Google Glass.”

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