Our LASIK Surgery Special Endorsed by a Most Eligible Atlantan!

Ben Ingram, who was named one of the Most Eligible Atlantans by Jezebel this past summer, has given the Atlanta Vision Institute his seal of approval! Ben came to us earlier this year to have LASIK surgery performed by Dr. Ashraf, and he has apparently been very happy with the results.

Ben will be appearing in our promotions advertising our current special. In his ads, the eligible Atlantan will appear next to pictures of himself before and after having LASIK surgery along with a quote that reads, “After having the procedure done at the Atlanta Vision Institute, LASIK has definitely changed my life. If you’re thinking about having LASIK, my advice is not to hesitate. It was clearly one of the best decisions I’ve made.”

We are honored that Ben has decided to endorse us, and even happier that he was so pleased with his experience at our Atlanta office. Getting LASIK was a great decision for someone like Ben to make, because he enjoys being active and has been in the spotlight lately because of his recognition in Jezebel.

In his profile published in the magazine, Ben mentions that he likes to train in the gym. Wearing glasses and contact lenses while working out can both present a unique set of problems, so for people who enjoy working out, LASIK can be a much better option.

When you are working out, especially if you are lifting weights or using training machines, it is very important to be aware of your surroundings to protect your safety and the safety of those around you. Glasses can fall off and do not provide you with adequate peripheral vision. Contacts can provide better peripheral vision, but can get itchy if you are moving a lot, and if you are a runner, running can cause your eyes to water, which combined with heavy movement, can result in your lenses falling out.

So Ben, great decision! We are glad that you are happy with your procedure and wish you the best of luck!

You can read more about Ben at Jezebel. To learn more about our current LASIK specials, please call us at 770.622.2488.