The Advantages of the SMILE laser

Maximizing patient comfort

The Zeiss VisuMax is the only femtosecond laser to employ a curved contact surface to maximize patient comfort. The size of the curved patient interface is customized according to the patient’s anatomy and physiology. This significantly reduces the pressure sensation on the eye during the procedure, allowing the patient to retain vision the entire time. This is a huge advantage over competing lasers, which produce uncomfortable pressure on the eyes, resulting in “blacked out” vision for up to 30 seconds.

In contrast, the reduced pressure of the VisuMax laser results in the most comfortable flap creation procedure available today. Patients often describe the VisuMax procedure as being similar in sensation to the insertion of a soft contact lens.

SMILE laser technology for LASIK

High-Precision Optics.

Precise laser energy

The VisuMax is so precise that it requires seven times less energy than other femtosecond lasers. Less energy is always an advantage when treating the delicate tissue of the cornea, as the tissue outside of the defined area of interest remains untouched. This results in minimal, precise laser pulse energy, which creates more accurate, more delicate, and gentler flaps than any other femtosecond laser.

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Exceptional Microscope Optics

Carl Zeiss is the global leader in high-tech optics for cameras and microscopes. Most of the world’s operating rooms use surgical microscopes made by Zeiss. The integrated, high-quality ZEISS surgical microscope in the VisuMax laser ensures Dr. Ashraf precise and complete control during each treatment step.

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A Smart Unit

The treatment bed of the VisuMax is extremely sophisticated to ensure maximum comfort. The patient’s position is continuously monitored during treatment, to help maintain the perfect, gentle contact pressure that is optimal for flap creation.

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With a laser pulse frequency of 500kHz, the VisuMax is one of the fastest femtosecond lasers on the market today. The creation of the VisuMax flap takes about half the time of a traditional laser. This increased efficiency means more comfort for patients.

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MEL 80 Laser

The Carl Zeiss MEL 80 Excimer Laser System enables extremely safe and precise correction. Highly-developed optics focus the laser beam in a very small spot size and an optimal Gaussian shape. This makes the finest corrections possible and leaves surrounding tissue unharmed. Intelligent technology tracks the smallest movements of the patient’s eye during treatment and guides the laser beam so it continues to work at exactly the planned position.

Refractive surgery uses laser technology to reshape the cornea of the eye to correct near- and far-sightedness and astigmatism. A layer of non-pain receptive corneal tissue is removed – computer controlled according to precisely calculated diagnostic data. State-of-the-art medical technology makes a dream come true: Clear vision can be achieved at any time of the day. Patients wake up in the morning and everything is in focus, the moment they open their eyes.