Near-Sightedness Doubles Risk of Glaucoma

Researchers from the Netherlands have found that individuals with myopia have an approximately doubled risk of developing glaucoma as compared to those without myopia. The study reported in Ophthalmology (2011;118 (10)1989-1994), was attempted to clarify the relationship between myopia and glaucoma. High mopes had a 2.5x higher chance of developing glaucoma vs 1.75x for lower myopes. Glaucoma is one of the most common causes of blindness in the United States and is especially troublesome since it is a silent disease in which there are no symptoms such as blurry vision or pain for patients to watch out for. Dr Ashraf advises his patients at risk to have a yearly eye exam and especially warns his post LASIK patients with high myopia not to forget this since their eyes still behave as if they have high myopia despite patients being able to see perfectly.

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