Struggling To Wear Contact Lenses?

blue contact lens in white container

You’re not alone. Many people have difficulty putting in contact lenses and wearing them for long periods of time. Contact lenses are a hassle because they require being replaced by fresh contact lenses frequently and the appropriate cleansing procedures. With contact lenses, it’s really important to not leave them in for too long and take them out every night, specifically before going to sleep. This can become inconvenient, especially if you’re traveling. Buying new cleaning solution, cases, and contact lenses can also become expensive. LASIK surgery is the ideal solution to wearing contact lenses because it’s a one-time, short outpatient procedure that takes place in Dr. Ashraf’s office. After the surgery is over, patients are able to see clearly without the need for contacts or glasses. This cuts back on the added expense of contacts and visual aids in general. It’s also a benefit because patients are able to see clearly without an unnatural plastic substance.

photocredit: [dusk / photoxpress]