The Reason Your Mother Never Experienced Dry Eyes

There has been a powerful increase in the prevalence of dry eye disease in the last several decades. This has been paralleled by substantial alterations in environmental and social settings. These include the use of air conditioning and forced air heat in homes, cars, and office buildings, as well as significantly increased time spent working on computers. More individuals than ever before are wearing contact lenses. Population demographics, disease patterns and prevalence, and the rise in the number of the elderly have also changed. All of these factors have significant effects on the ocular surface resulting in dry, irritated eyes. Several decades ago, only saline eye drops were accessible, now there are many products accessible in the pharmacy.

The suffering linked with this condition is substantial and gets worse if left untreated. However, early and proper intervention can slow, halt, or even reverse disease progression. Tons of patients have dry eyes and can no longer endure contact lens wear. “These patients then usually seek LASIK surgery“, explains Dr Ashraf of the Atlanta Vision Institute. He adds that, “here at Atlanta Vision, we pay particular attention to the ocular surface and try to identify these patients. Approximately 50% of our patients have some form of ocular surface disease. These patients are then started on treatment prior to and after surgery.” He adds that, “this has
significantly improved patient comfort and visual results of the surgery.” Yet, despite these statistics, lots of eye care providers continue to underestimate the impact of this eye disease on patients’ eye-related health, vision, and quality of life.

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