Who Wants the Baby Blues?

A brand new laser procedure is currently in the works to forever alter your eye color. This laser, in accordance to its developer, Dr Gregg Homer, will have the ability to target the pigmentary cells on the iris. The iris is the structure that holds the color of your eyes. The pigmented or dark cells will diminish, thereby leaving your iris lighter in appearance or blue colored. So far, this laser procedure is in the theoretical phase and human experiments have yet to be completed.

Dr Ashraf, LASIK Surgeon of the Atlanta Vision Institute, explains that this may be a promising procedure for those interested in altering the appearance of their eyes. However, he advises that with any elective cosmetic procedure, the patient should weigh the advantages with the potential risks. Unfortunately, no human trials have yet been completed. Dr. Ashraf also explains that it has the potential to trigger severe and permanent damage to your vision. So in the end, we will have to wait to see if everyone can have the Baby Blues.

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