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What if Everything
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LASIK is Wrong?

In this Checklist You’ll Discover:

  • The TRUE cost of LASIK (Did you know it's less than contacts and glasses?)
  • Health Risks of Wearing Contacts
  • 4 Key Benefits of LASIK - So much more than just improved vision!
  • 60-Second LASIK Quiz - Find out of you're a good candidate for LASIK

What’s Holding YOU Back from Better Sight?

Is it Fear?

The idea of eye surgery makes some people uncomfortable. In this report, you’ll discover how to choose a reputable LASIK provider with plenty of experience – to put your mind at ease.

Is it Price?

Did you know you can get 0% financing on LASIK? And that, in the long run, you’ll save tens of thousands of dollars by choosing LASIK over contacts or glasses? Get all the details right now in the 5 Minute LASIK Checklist.


Many people question the benefits of the LASIK procedure. Some say they are just fine with contacts or glasses, others are afraid of having eye surgery. But regardless of excuses, is LASIK worth the cost?

Check The Facts


Contacts/ Glasses Contacts/ Glasses

  • Refilling Prescriptions
  • Lens Fitting
  • Cost of Lens Solution
  • Cost of Glasses when your eyes need rest!
  • Cost of Lost Time Applying contact lenses can take over 5 minutes out of your day, that’s over 73 hours per year! What is worth your time?


  • One Time Surgery

Lifetime Cost of Contacts Lifetime Cost of Contacts

Lifetime Cost of Contacts Graph

The risks of LASIK are very low, but have you considered the risks of contact lenses?

Risks of Contact Lenses Health Risks of Contact Lenses

  • Risk of Bacterial Keratitis RISK OF BACTERIAL KERATITIS Surface Ablation Surgery
  • Risk of Acanthamoeba RISK OF ACANTHAMOEBA A red, painful eye infection caused by using tap water on your lenses or swimming in fresh water. 1 in 1000 contact wearers of 30 years
  • Vision Loss VISION LOSS 1 in 2000 contact wearers loses some vision because of bacterial infection

Benefits of LASIK Benefits of LASIK Surgery

  • Freedom From Glasses Freedom From the burden of glasses or contact lenses
  • Time Savings Time Savings Avoid time lost on ordering new contacts & glasses
  • Lifestyle Improvement Lifestyle Improvement Being able to exercise and work without corrective lenses
  • Cost Savings Cost Savings Save tens of thousands of dollars over your lifetime

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