SMILE Laser Vision Correction

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Especially beneficial for
the following candidates:

  • Highly active individuals, extreme sports
  • Occupational hazards (firefighters, police, military)
  • Patients prone to dry irritated eyes
  • Patients who need rapid recovery
  • Individuals who are nervous about post operative pain as in LASIK
  • Who desire a quick recovery- back to full activites twice as fast as LASIK

SMILE laser vision correction, the newest FDA approved laser vision correction as recorded by NBC news


See What Heather has to Say About SMILE LASIK

Heather Edwards couldn't be happier with her new ability to see perfectly without contacts or glasses. Hear about her experience with Atlanta Vision Institute and Dr. Ashraf.

The SMILE procedure
is the latest evolution
of laser refractive surgery.

This 3rd generation of laser vision correction combines the advantages of the 1st
generation PRK surgery and the 2nd generation LASIK surgery.

SMILE stands for Small Incision Lenticule Extraction.

Unlike LASIK, an excimer laser is not required and the SMILE procedure is performed
without creating a flap. Although recently approved by the U.S. FDA, this procedure has
been successfully performed on more than 800,000 eyes worldwide.

Worldwide the SMILE technique is slowly replacing LASIK as the default refractive surgery.

This is equivalent to the femtosecond laser replacing the keratome or blade to make the
corneal flap 8 years ago.

prk vs lasik vs smile

It is a flapless procedure that has all
the combined advantages of surface
ablation (PRK) and LASIK. It is PRK
without pain and LASIK without a flap.

SMILE is a flapless, bladeless,
noiseless, odorless procedure.

The entire laser
procedure takes
less than 30 seconds.

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