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The Dangers of Eyeball Tattooing

Eyeball tattooing, otherwise known as scleral tattooing, is a procedure that involves injecting ink into the sclera, or the white part of the eye, to change its color for aesthetic and cosmetic reasons. Although some people may be intrigued by... READ MORE

Is Fall the Best Time to Undergo LASIK Eye Surgery?

Atlanta doesn't get the full four seasons, but cooler weather, shorter days and the upcoming holidays change our schedules and activities. The fall and winter months are great for elective procedures, such as LASIK to improve your vision and reduce or eliminate... READ MORE


Zeiss SMILE is an exciting new option for patients who seek even greater comfort, convenience and safety in a nearsighted vision correction procedure. At Atlanta Vision Institute, we are especially thrilled about the rising popularity of Zeiss SMILE, as our own Dr.... READ MORE
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