SMILE is an exciting new option for patients who seek even greater comfort, convenience and safety in a nearsighted vision correction procedure. At Atlanta Vision Institute, we are especially thrilled about the rising popularity of SMILE, as our own Dr.... READ MORE

LASIK vs. PRK: Which Laser Vision Correction Is Right for Me?

LASIK and PRK are laser eye surgeries that share much in common; both can be used to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. However, each of these procedures has its advantages and disadvantages. You should discuss which laser eye surgery option... READ MORE

What Is the Difference Between LASIK and SMILE?

Different Types of Laser Eye Surgery in Atlanta At Atlanta Vision Institute, we see thousands of patients each year and assess their eligibility for a variety of life-changing procedures. Two of our most popular refractive surgeries are LASIK and SMILE,... READ MORE

Is LASIK Worth It? How LASIK Can Change Your Life?

Are you tired of wearing glasses or contacts every day? Has wearing eyeglasses held you back from your career or recreational activities? Have you ever felt self-conscious about wearing eyeglasses? Do you wish you didn’t have to keep shelling out... READ MORE
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