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Dry Eye: Causes and Treatment

Dry eye is a common condition, with several sources estimating almost half of all adult Americans experience symptoms. If you struggle with itchy, dry or tearing eyes as a result of dry eye, this blog is for you. Here, the... READ MORE

What Is the Difference Between LASIK and SMILE?

Different Types of Laser Eye Surgery in Atlanta At Atlanta Vision Institute, we see thousands of patients each year and assess their eligibility for a variety of life-changing procedures. Two of our most popular refractive surgeries are LASIK and SMILE,... READ MORE

Dry Eyes Equal Slow Reading Speed

A recent study published in Optometry and Vision Science (2018, 29-1105-1113) reveals that dry eyes can reduce a patient’s reading speed of up to 30 words per minute. The study’s author noted that although these patients had 20/20 vision, they... READ MORE

Does Dry Eye Go Away? There’s No Simple Answer

If you’re struggling with itchy, sore or blurry eyes, you’re in good company. A recent poll estimated that over 48% of all Americans age 18 or older suffer from dry eye syndrome, reporting red, gritty or watery eyes along with... READ MORE

Is LASIK or PRK More Expensive?

PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy) and Its Cost in Atlanta Patients often wonder if LASIK or PRK is more expensive. Our most affordable vision correction option is PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy or Flapless Vision Correction). Over the past 20 years, PRK has been... READ MORE
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