From the Bench to the Field: LASIK Surgery in Football

It’s easy to think of your favorite football players as invincible because of their talents and endurance. However, many have had to overcome obstacles in order to achieve their dreams and become the heroes we look up to today.

Many of the skills and traits that successful football players exemplify are influenced by the quality of their eyesight. How can a quarterback throw the ball to a teammate 50 yards down the field if he can’t see him? And how would the receiver be able to catch the ball without his glasses or contacts? Agility and strength might be considered the most important skills for a football player to have, but those attributes are worthless if the player can’t see where he is going.

Sports personalities and analysts often joke when a player makes a terrible throw or catch that “they must need glasses.” But what if this is actually true? If a player wears glasses on the field, they are mocked. Contacts can be helpful for some, but a full-contact sport like football increases the likelihood of lenses falling out or irritating the eye.

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The best solution for athletes with vision problems is for them to undergo LASIK surgery. As a non-invasive surgery, players can be back on the field in two weeks.

A common myth regarding athletes and LASIK is that they are ineligible for surgery because of added risks. While it is true that athletes are at a higher risk for complications after LASIK surgery, it does not make them ineligible for the procedure. Because sports like football are high-contact, they are more vulnerable to arising complications after any surgery. If athletes take the proper precautions after the procedure, there is no reason why their profession would rule out the possibility of laser eye surgery.

Atlanta’s sports industry is no stranger to LASIK surgery. Ray Buchanan, former Atlanta Falcons cornerback and safety, had the procedure done during his career. Greg Maddux, former Atlanta Braves pitcher and four-time Cy Young Award winner, had his surgery during the regular season and pitched a one-hitter two days after the procedure.

Other notable football players that have had LASIK surgery are Troy Aikman (Dallas Cowboys), Tiki Barber (New York Giants), Danny Kanell (New York Giants and Atlanta Falcons) and Wayne Chrebet (New York Jets).

Aikman in particular has become a notable advocate for the procedure. Before LASIK surgery, his eyesight was 20/600: “I couldn’t even read the big E on the eye chart.” Now, his vision is 20/20.

Athletes don’t have to be the only ones benefiting from LASIK surgery. If you’re interested in the procedure or have any questions you want answered, contact the Atlanta Vision Institute to book a free consultation.


Photo Credit: © Kevin Tang/Buzzfeed